Violence Breeds Violence…and Greatness

Band: Ond Blod

E.P: Bunen

Label: Loyal Blood Records

Rating: 4/6

Ondt Blod is probably the band with the most bragging rights in the kingdom: First, they come from Kirkenes, which immediately suggests that these boys ain’t degenerate southern city dwellers. Second: “Ondt Blod” is quite a horrid name, but our guys are aiming for the crass, the gross and the malignant. Third: Their new release kills. Continue Reading →

A spacious and space-like second album

Artist: Ice Cream Cathedral

Album: Sudden Anatomy

Record Label: Riot Factory

Rating: 4/6

Text: Emma Josefine Jespersen.

“Sudden Anatomy “is the second album from Copenhagen-based Ice Cream Cathedral. The synth-driven sounds, that the band themselves have defined as space pop, are once again dominant. Continue Reading →

Sinister Homegrown Violence


Album: “Are You Offended”

Label: Self-Released

Rating: 4/6

Finally, after what felt like a million years, the lads of Feskekrok have released their first album “Are You Offended”, currently only available in digital form. Following last year’s E.P.  and numerous live appearances since their inception in 2010, “Are You Offended” is a well-deserved milestone for the ambitious Tromsø-band. Continue Reading →

Honesty and artifice

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Album: Ultraviolence

Record Label:  Polydor UK / Interscope

Rating:  2/6

Lana Del Rey’s newest album title d Ultraviolence, not unlike the artist herself, straddles the line between honesty and artifice. Ultraviolence aims for this distillation of ‘pure Lana’ but it falls apart for two reasons. Continue Reading →

Mozarts Requiem-sara hatami (1)Mozarts Requiem-sara hatami (2)Mozarts Requiem-sara hatami (4)Mozarts Requiem-sara hatami (5)Mozarts Requiem-sara hatami (7)Mozarts Requiem-sara hatami (9)Mozarts Requiem-sara hatami (10)

Requiem for a Dream

Photographer: Sara Hatami

I had the pleasure of watching the Tromsø University Choir Mimas along with the orchestra from the UiT Music Conservatory perform together on Sunday, November 16th, 2014 in the appropriately gorgeous venue of the Arctic Cathedral. The show they performed was Reqiuem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an Advent staple of choral repertoires. This was the second opportunity I have had to experience this wonderful mass performed live and it was certainly as enjoyable, if not more, the second time around.
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Of Guns, Mustaches and Music

Photos: Pedro Barros.

The Barents jazz festival, an annual jazz festival in Tromsø which has seen its origin in 2006, manages to bring together talented artists from all across Norway every year.

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01 Los Plantronics Kelly Then06 Los Plantronics Kelly Then07 Los Plantronics Kelly Then08 Los Plantronics Kelly Then09 Los Plantronics Kelly Then13 Los Plantronics Kelly Then14 Los Plantronics Kelly Then15 Los Plantronics Kelly Then16 Los Plantronics Kelly Then17 Los Plantronics Kelly Then18 Los Plantronics Kelly Then20 Los Plantronics Kelly Then

Los Plantronics at Bastard Bar

Photographer: Kelly Then

Los Plantronics at Bastard Bar on 15 November 2014.

High-octane gig by consummate performers. Continue Reading →

Rettshjelp for de barna_ Defaced _Olga ShavrinaRettshjelp for de barna_ Defaced _Olga Shavrina2Rettshjelp for de barna_ Defaced _Olga Shavrina3Rettshjelp for de barna_ Dreamslain _Olga Shavrina7Rettshjelp for de barna_ Dreamslain _Olga Shavrina9Rettshjelp for de barna_ Dreamslain _Olga Shavrina10Rettshjelp for de barna_ Dreamslain _Olga Shavrina11Rettshjelp for de barna_ Dreamslain _Olga Shavrina13Rettshjelp for de barna_ Dreamslain_Olga Shavrina12Rettshjelp for de barna_ Longbaugh _Olga Shavrina4Rettshjelp for de barna_ Longbaugh _Olga Shavrina5Rettshjelp for de barna_ Longbaugh _Olga Shavrina15Rettshjelp for de barna_ Longbaugh _Olga Shavrina16Rettshjelp for de barna_Olga Shavrina8

Original Hopeful Metal

Photos: Olga Shavrina.

Venue: The Roadhouse

Bands: Defaced, Longbaugh, Dreamslain

Date: 13th of November 2014

Thursday 13th of November The Roadhouse was the stage for a concert featuring three young and hopeful Metal bands showcasing their new material.

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hurradio banner

Kjære internasjonale og norske studenter, bare se dere om rundt dere!

Could this guy really be the culprit?

(Photo credit: Michael Poltermann (Institute of Marine Research))

Look he is so fuzzy and cute, he couldn’t possibly do any harm! Continue Reading →

Kjære internasjonale og norske studenter, bare se dere om rundt dere!

UiT er stolt av sitt internasjonale læringsmiljø. I år representerer de nye studentene om lag 66 nasjonaliteter. Med mer enn 300 nye utenlandske studenter hvert år er Tromsø blitt til en av de mest internasjonale byene i Norge. Man kan dermed si at Norges Arktiske Universitet har gjort verden mindre. De fleste av de utenlandske studentene trives i byen og mange har kommet tilbake etter studiet ved UiT. Men kan man da si at de internasjonale har integrert seg i samfunnet? Continue Reading →

Israel and Palestine conflict: the neverending story, part 1

«The Palestinian people still yearn for the freedom and dignity denied them for decades. The Israeli people yearn for long-term security. Neither can achieve their legitimate demands without a settlement of the conflict.» Ban Ki-moon 2007 Continue Reading →

Israel and Palestine conflict: the neverending story, part 2

From the Oslo Accords to the Hamas takeover Continue Reading →

Israel and Palestine conflict: the neverending story, part 3

Talking about external support it has been pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood power decline in Egypt led to the decrease of support for Hamas. Continue Reading →