Before Us

Photographer: Kelly Then

RadVent – Scenekunst i adventstida

Before Usby Stuart Bowden

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Tekst: Hallvar Agersborg

Band: Kråkesølv Album: Kråkesølv Plateselskap: Jansen Plateproduksjon Karakter: 5/6

Kråkesølv, som høsten 2009 kom ut av intet og erobret den alternative rockescenen her til lands, er nå ute med sitt fjerde album. Med 0,8 utgitte plater i snitt per år er det ingen som kan beskylde Bodøguttene for å ligge på latsiden – og de kan sågar få tilgivelse for at albumet kjedelig nok er selvtitulert. Continue Reading →


Jonas Alaska at Kulturhuset

Text and Photos: Kelly Then

Intimate folk

Jonas Alaska played in a cosy gig on the 26th of October for an appreciative audience at Kulturhuset.

The organizer was Viseklubben Spelt, a club which supports musicians who produce original music “in the northern Norwegian folk tradition”.

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23_PETTER CARLSEN & THE LONELY DRUMMER ORCHESTRA. Petter Carlsen (3). Carl Ballantine23_PETTER CARLSEN & THE LONELY DRUMMER ORCHESTRA. Petter Carlsen. Carl Ballantine (2)23_PETTER CARLSEN & THE LONELY DRUMMER ORCHESTRA. the lonely drummer orchestra (4). Carl Ballantine

Petter Carlsen & The Lonely Drummer Orchestra

Journalist: Kelly Then

Photographer: Carl Ballantine

Wandering in the sound forest

On a Friday 10th of October people started streaming into Driv for Petter Carlsen & The Lonely Drummer Orchestra. The audience was people in their 20s to 30s, slightly older than the usual student crowd. It seems Petter Carlsen has a small and discerning following in Tromsø. Continue Reading →


The Rocket that never went into space

Text and Photos: Gintarė Turskytė.

Little, yellow and cute

That’s for sure, no dispute!

Watches people pass by

If needed, can fly!

Guess who?

The Rocket! Continue Reading →

A spacious and space-like second album

Artist: Ice Cream Cathedral

Album: Sudden Anatomy

Record Label: Riot Factory

Rating: 4/6

Text: Emma Josefine Jespersen.

“Sudden Anatomy “is the second album from Copenhagen-based Ice Cream Cathedral. The synth-driven sounds, that the band themselves have defined as space pop, are once again dominant. Continue Reading →

01 Los Plantronics Kelly Then06 Los Plantronics Kelly Then07 Los Plantronics Kelly Then08 Los Plantronics Kelly Then09 Los Plantronics Kelly Then13 Los Plantronics Kelly Then14 Los Plantronics Kelly Then15 Los Plantronics Kelly Then16 Los Plantronics Kelly Then17 Los Plantronics Kelly Then18 Los Plantronics Kelly Then20 Los Plantronics Kelly Then

Los Plantronics at Bastard Bar

Photographer: Kelly Then

Los Plantronics at Bastard Bar on 15 November 2014.

High-octane gig by consummate performers. Continue Reading →