Anmeldelser- Musikk, Kultur — 16. February 2012 at 20:50

A Fresh Breeze in Sapmi


(Bilde: Wenche Wolden)

Elin Kåven is a busy girl. After being officially crowned Saami artist of 2011 and showcasing her music in dozens of concerts she is now on her way to record a new album. In an exclusive interview, the “Arctic Fairy” as she dubs herself reveals more about her secret plans.

Back in 2009, Elin got overwhelmingly good reviews for her first album “Jiknon Musihkka” (Frozen Music) and many were wondering how, and when she would produce another Full-Length. Indeed, since 2009, the only new music Elin has been sharing with her audience has been the “Lihkku Niehku/Dream of Fortune” single released for 2011’s Finnmarksløppet race. 2012 should, however, prove to be much busier with several releases planned.


The promise of a busy year

The first bulk of it should come out around Easter when Elin plans to release a live DVD of an Oslo concert recorded last October. Together with it, a new digital single should be coming out at around the same time. The latter, baptized “Vaimmu Cuovga” (Heartlight) serving as a teaser for the singer’s upcoming Full-length due before the end of the year.

“This brand new album, “The Arctic Fairy”, is already in pre-production with almost all the lyrics and vocal lines written down”

This brand new album, which will bear Elin “The Arctic Fairy” moniker, is already in pre-production with almost all the lyrics and vocal lines written down. While on her first album Elin collaborated with the producer Ole Jørn Myklebust (Mari Boine), it will be Juhani Sivola (Adjagas, Turdus Musicus) who, having been playing live with Elin for some time now, will handle the production and arrangement duties.


Saami myths, shamanism and fairies

Consisting of ten songs, the album will have a fully Saami lyrical concept revolving around the ancient Saami myths, Shamanism and fairies. Musically, her genitor has revealed that it will feature a wide range of instrumental experiments and should be released, if everything goes as planned, before the end of the year on the Saami music label Sapmi Music. No doubt that, when finally out, this new album will once again put Elin in Sapmi’s bright spotlights.